The Relationship between Number of Keywords Used in Titles of Articles and Number of Citations to These Articles in Selected Journals Published by Tehran University of Medical Sciences

نیلوفر محقق؛ رشا اطلسی؛ محمدرضا علی بیک؛ مسعود صالحی؛ یحیی حجتی زاده؛ زینب باقری

دوره 9، شماره 22 ، اسفند 1396، ، صفحه 17-30

  Purpose: This study aimed at investigating the relationship between number of citations and keywords used in title of articles, and was conducted in a cross-sectional design on eleven English-language journals published by Tehran University of Medical Sciences. Methodology: A total of 495 articles from these journals were searched in Google Scholar. The correlation between citations and keywords used in titles was found through Spearman correlation coefficient using SPSS. Findings: Study results confirmed existence of a significant correlation between keywords used in titles of articles and the ...  بیشتر