Using Text Surrounding Method to Enhance Retrieval of Online Images by Google Search Engine

صالح رحیمی؛ حمید کشاورز؛ مهدی خادمیان

دوره 9، شماره 22 ، اسفند 1396، ، صفحه 83-104

  Purpose: the current research aimed to compare the effectiveness of various tags and codes for retrieving images from the Google. Design/methodology: selected images with different characteristics in a registered domain were carefully studied. The exception was that special conceptual features have been apportioned for each group of images separately. In this regard, each group image surrounding texts was dissimilar. Images were allocated with captions including language in Farsi and English, alt text, image title, file name, free and controlled languages and appropriation text to images properties. ...  بیشتر