Comparison of Information Retrieval Capabilities in Library Software of Payam, Voyager and Aleph

عاصفه عاصمی؛ پریسا شفیعی علویجه

دوره 10، شماره 26 ، دی 1397، ، صفحه 71-84

  Aim: The purpose of this study was comparing Information Retrieval Capabilities in Web-based Library Software of Payam, with Voyager and ALEPH. Methodology: A checklist designed and included six main trait for evaluation and comparing 73 scales. Data collected by experts' observing of the software's OPAC. Data analyzed by the descriptive statistics methods. Findings: Findings shows the preferences in search capabilities in species of fields the Aleph with 97% is the most and Payam with 93.45% is the least, in search formula Aleph and Voyager with 100% has the most and Payam with 58.33% is the least, ...  بیشتر